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Server Rules

Post by Billiam94 on Wed Jan 04, 2017 12:38 am

Server Rules

Server Admins have the right to warn, kick, or ban any player for any reason whether it is listed below or not.

To report a player that has violated the rules, send a private message to the admins with evidence (video, screenshots, etc.) of the infraction.

These rules are subject to change.

1. General Rules

- Be cool. No one like playing with assholes.
- OOC racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of intentional harassment are not tolerated in any context.
- If your character possesses traits that may be deemed "offensive," just try not to go totally overboard. If people don't like your character, they may not be willing to work with you.
- On the other hand if you get offended by someone's character, that's on you. You aren't being forced to play here.
- OOC complaints have a place. It's not in the game.
- Hacks, cheats, exploits, and the like have no place here. They ruin the fun, and that's what we're all here for.
- Tool Cabinets must be accessible by at least one door, hatch, opening, etc. They must not be completely walled in.

2. Global Chat (Text Chat)

- OOC chat must be marked as so and should be kept to a bare minimum.
- Don't clutter the global chat.
- Once again, OOC complaints have a place. It's not in the global chat.

3. Roleplaying

- Stay in character. Don't do anything that your character wouldn't.
- If you are killed, the moments leading up to and including your death are wiped from your character's memory.
- Your character can only remember the details of his/her death if another character informs them of such. Then and only then may revenge be taken.
- No metagaming and no powergaming. Basically, don't use things (knowledge, money, etc.) from outside of the game to influence things inside the game.

4. Player Groups

A group of players is free to call itself whatever it pleases, the following are simply the "official" titles:
- A single member acting alone is considered a Freelancer. Freelancers may not claim land or own beds (only sleeping bags).
- Two to three members working together are considered a Partnership. A Partnership may claim a single grid square of land at any given time.
- Four to ten members working together are considered a Guild. A Guild may claim as many grid squares as it has players.
- Groups larger than ten members may not be formed, but alliances between groups are always welcome.

Guilds and Partnerships must be listed on the forum in the proper place before land can be officially claimed. If you are not listed as a member of a Partnership or a Guild, you are a Freelancer.

5. Killing and Murder

Killing on sight (KOS) is frowned upon, but not necessarily forbidden. Killing should only be done for RP purposes. If your character has a passion for murder, try not to get caught. Remember that your prey sees your name upon death, but their character will not remember the experience. Witnesses are likely to report you.

6. Death

In the event of character death, the following things take place:
- You may either continue as the same character or create a brand new one.
- In any case, your character forgets the circumstances and events leading up to and including his/her death.

7. Raiding

Raiding is defined as breaking anything to gain access to players and their loot.
Raiding is considered acceptable in the following situations:
- Within predefined zones, a.k.a. "No Man's Land."
- Within unclaimed territory.
- In the context of war.
- When given permission to raid within claimed territory by the owner of said territory.
- When hired to do so, as long as you carry the contract with you.

8. Griefing

The following actions are considered griefing:
- Placing unwanted items (traps, barricades, etc.) on or around player-built structures. This IS allowed within the contexts of war and true RP.
- Blocking access to another player's structure at any time is forbidden.
- Blocking access to a monument at any time is forbidden.
- Destroying twig structures that are actively being built is forbidden.

9. Claiming Territory

To claim land, the following conditions must be met:
- Obviously, the land must be unclaimed. It also may not be marked as "No Man's Land."
- A Control Structure must be built that is at least 2x2 Foundations in size. This structure must contain the following:
- An exterior sign or signs to clearly indicate ownership and Control Structure status.
- A Tool Cabinet.
- A picture of the Control Structure (with proof of building privilegde) must be posted in the forums along with a picture of the Live Map with the desired Grid Square(s) shaded in.

10. War

War is the only way to claim another group's territory. In order to declare war, a group must post in the forums with the following details:
- Reason for war.
- Expected participants.
- Goals, if not explicity defined in the reasoning.

After this declaration of war is made, a "preparation period" of twelve hours takes place. After this time or after all participants have accepted the terms, the war is officially on. During wartime:
- Killing players on the enemy side is acceptable no matter the other circumstances.
- Participating groups may not claim new land, but may claim enemy territory by destroying and replacing signs and Tool Cabinets within enemy Control Structures.
- Participating groups may ignore the size restrictions on claimed territory, thereby making it possible to own more than ten Grid Squares.

A war is considered over in the following circumstances:
- Either side surrenders.
- Both sides agree to peace negotiations.
- If a faction loses all of its Control Structures and wishes to continue, they have 24 hours to reclaim a CS or otherwise resolve the war.


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