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Current Mods/Plugins

Post by Billiam94 on Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:20 pm

The following is a list of the mods and plugins that are currently active on this server:


Oxide - Oxide is basically the god of mods. It provides framework for implementing a variety of plugins for Rust.

Rust:IO - Rust:IO is a map extension for Rust that provides a live map on the website. Here's ours:


Rust:IO Clans - Allows players to create and manage clans within the server.

Rust:IO Friendly Fire - Disables damage when shooting members of your clan.

Airdrop Extended - Controls many aspects of airdrops on the server.

Better Say - Allows admins to tweak the way the server's "say" command displays.

Build - Makes building easier so that admins can make custom towns and monuments faster.

Player Corpse Duration Manager - Allows admins to set how long it takes for player corpses to decay. Currently set to one hour.

Custom Loot Spawns - Allows admins to create and place custom loot boxes in addition to the existing ones.

Economics - Introduces a currency system.

Quests - Introduces a quest system.

HumanNPC - NPCs! Also there's 2 other plugins that are required by this so they're here too, they just won't affect anything else.

GUIShop - Introduces a shop system that works with NPCs and Economics.

Enhanced Hammers - Allows faster upgrading but is unfortunately not compatible with the HuntRPG mod. If you want to gain XP while upgrading, you'll have to do it the normal way. Otherwise, to use this mod, simply upgrade a single building piece to the new material and then simply left-click the rest of them as if you were repairing it. As long as you have the resources, it will upgrade it all to the same material.

Heli Control - Allows admins to control aspects of the Attack Helicopter. Currently, Attack Helicopters will not spawn. Highly likely to change soon.

HuntRPG - This plugin provides an XP system which lets players spend point in different stats and skills to allow for faster crafting, gathering, etc.

Kits - Allows admins to create kits to give to players. Currently, only a starter kit is implemented.

Private Messages - Allows players to pm each other using the '/pm' command in chat.

ReplaceOnBroken - Replaces broken tools if you have a non-broken one in your inventory.

Storage Cleaner - Helps manage storage on the server by removing old UI images.

Stack Size Controller - Allows admins to set max stack sizes for items. Currently, all items are still set to defaults.

Weapons on Back - A purely aesthetic mod that displays the best unequipped weapon a player has on his/her back. Also displays the best side-arm on the hip.

Zone Manager - Allows admins to create zones and control what is possible within those zones. For example, we will mostly be using it to create custom towns and buildings that cannot decay.

Zone Domes - Enhances zones so that the radius can be made visible.


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